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We know that every business is unique and that every industry has its own set of rules and traditions. While our existing client base covers a vast collection of companies in many different industries and personal tax concerns as individual as the people themselves, we are not content to settle in on a specialty. Instead, we are continually learning and adapting to the requirements of new industries through intensive training and industry research.

Below is a list of some of the more common industries we have experience with. However, this list is always growing and we welcome the opportunity to experience a new industry.



Automobile Dealerships

Artists and Art Dealers

Automobile Parts and Service

Pack and Ship

Real Estate Investment


Venture Capital

Tag and Title Service

Dry Cleaning

Internet Retail

Furniture Warehousing

Home Owners Associations


Mortgage Brokers

General Contractors Delivery of Furniture

Interior Designers

Dance Studios

Express Delivery


Pool Maintenance

Hotel Management

Doctors & Medical Practices

Web Site Developers


Internet Marketing

Floral Distributor

Music Producers

Computer Consultants

Beverage Distributors


Medical Research

Carpet Cleaners

Business Brokerage

Professional Athletes

Real Estate Management

Amateur Athletes Computer Programmers

DiPasquale and Associates, P.A.
Certified Public Accountants and Consultants
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